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The Customs Code of the Republic of Uzbekistan will introduce a «green» corridor

Deputies of the Legislative Chamber of the Oliy Majlis of Uzbekistan are discussing a draft of a new edition of the Customs Code. The current TC, adopted in 1997, as well as the law «On Customs Tariff» no longer take into account the realities of today. To implement their provisions, more than 350 by-laws were adopted, as reported by gazeta.uz

In the new edition of the TC, the procedure for the movement of goods by individuals is regulated in detail. The opportunities for oral declaring of goods by them are being expanded, which is performed by performing actions indicating that hand luggage and accompanying luggage do not contain goods subject to declaration in writing. Thus, the system of «green and red corridors» for individuals is legislatively fixed.

The mechanism is regulated, according to which any interested person, even before the import of the goods, can apply to the customs authorities for a preliminary decision regarding its classification according to the HS VED, which will greatly facilitate the passage of customs procedures when declaring and issuing.

The draft provides for a reduction in the number of documents submitted to customs authorities in the course of customs clearance: the declaration of customs value was abolished when exporting goods exempted from customs duties and taxes, the number of documents for obtaining permission to place goods under the customs regime of re-export and re-import was reduced.

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